The Williamite Universe organizes conferences and symposia regarding the life and world of William III. Topics are ranging from the Republic of Letters towards the Dutch ‘Rampjaar’ and its international significance.

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Past Conferences

Symposium: Het Rampjaar 350: Origins and Aftermaths of 1672 in European and Global Perspectives

Date: Friday, 1st July 2022, and Saturday, 2nd July 2022

Overview: The invasion of the United Provinces by Louis XIV in 1672 (‘Het Rampjaar,’ ‘the year of disaster’ in Dutch memory) is a pivotal event in Dutch political and cultural history. However, its impact reverberated far beyond the Netherlands, shedding light on long-term global processes. This online symposium explores the broader dimensions of 1672, delving into its significance in arenas extending well beyond Dutch borders.

Call for Papers: We welcome proposals for 20-minute papers addressing themes such as geopolitics, confessional politics, state building, power dynamics, information dissemination, public participation in politics, imperial expansion, economics, trade patterns, commemoration, artistic representation, and identity. Contributions can analyze how the events of 1672 in the Netherlands influenced internal discussions or policies in other countries, compare the Dutch experience with events elsewhere, or examine how the Rampjaar illustrated broader European and global processes.


  • Professor Tony Claydon
  • Charles-Edouard Levillain
  • David Onnekink

Submission Deadline: Please submit your paper proposals or inquiries to Professor Tony Claydon at by 25th February 2022.

Past Conferences Organized:

  1. Louis XIV: Outside In. Reactions and Responses to the Sun King beyond France (Oxford 3/4 May 2012)
  2. Het Rampjaar 1672: Nieuwe perspectieven (Utrecht 28 October 2010)
  3. The emergence of political ideology in foreign policy in early modern Europe (1650-1720) (Utrecht, 25/26 January 2008)
  4. Anglo-Dutch Relations c.1650-1720 (London, 23 June 2007)
  5. Foreign Policy, Religious Conflict and Public Discourse in post-Westphalian Europe (1648-1713) (Apeldoorn, 7/8 January 2005)
  6. Inside Out and Outside In: A New Look at the 17th Century Republic of Letters (Aberdeen, 12/13 December 2003)
  7. William III: Politics and Culture in International Context (Utrecht, 13/14 December 2002)